Smartbytes provide its customers with full-spectrum of software services with a focus on Web Development, Web Design, Mobile App Development and Software Testing . We serves small and medium Enterprises SMEs.

We implements Agile Software Development methodology that shows a flexible and rapid response to different types of changes. We provide a complete software development cycle that includes Analysis, User Experience, Software Design, Development, Quality Assurance and System Integration.

We delivers high quality software products that performs better for customer requirements, environment and constraints using latest technologies. We follows Quality Control standards and methodologies in which the software passes through different tests to ensure the quality goals, the fulfillment of the customer requirements in addition to the software response under high load.



Software as a service (SaaS) means that you only pay little monthly fees for using our web services and you can cancel your subscription anytime.


We provide CRM Solutions for different business requirements
like: Retail Industry, Manufacture, Real Estate, Tours&Travel, Finance, Health Care, Education, Call Center, Insurance, e-commerce.


We provide CRM Solutions for different business requirements
like: Retail Industry, Manufacture, Real Estate, Tours&Travel, Finance, Health Care, Education, Call Center, Insurance, e-commerce.

What Is SaaS?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a software licensing model in which access to the software is provided on a subscription basis, with the software being located on external servers rather than on servers located in-house. Software-as-a-Service is typically accessed through a web browser, with users logging into the system using a username and password.

Instead of each user having to install the software on their computer, the user is able to access the program via the internet.

Advantages of SaaS

SaaS offers a variety of advantages over traditional software licensing models. Because the software does not live on the licensing company’s servers, there is less demand for the company to invest in new hardware.

It is easy to implement, easy to update and debug, and can be less expensive since users pay for SaaS as they go instead of purchasing multiple software licenses for multiple computers. SaaS has numerous uses including tracking leads, scheduling events, managing transactions, automating sign up, auditing and more.


Get the full picture with a unified CRM that breaks silos between Marketing, Sales & Support teams

and offer a comprehensive view of your customer.

Retail Industry

Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) in Retail industry is not a new concept, but it’s essential in maintaining one’s business. A CRM would act as a central hub that helps you to organize your sales, marketing and customer service process in one place. Here comes, Smartbytes CRM, which helps you to deliver a personalized top-notch customer experience by aligning all your sales and marketing process in a single unified window.


“CRM” in manufacturing industries – Is a fact that it helps in achieving the unique needs in relation with projecting market trends, communication with customers, analysing the customer data to create new products and much more. As well, CRM made it easier for companies to get through the complete customer information and to have detailed overview of the customer needs and requirements for better customer satisfaction. Smartbytes, made it possible to achieve all this in one place. The more intuitive dashboard helps you to visualize your sales info and enables you to take quality business decisions.

Real Estate

Smartbytes CRM enables you and your team to effectively service all of your clients and should be able to maintain the real estate portals, generate your brochures, stock lists and much more. You can easily keep in touch with all your customers in a single unified window. CRM helps to manage all your workload, contacts, client interaction, sales forecast and various other critical process more efficiently than before.


However running an eCommerce business requires to maintain professional standards and creating delightful experiences for customers. To lure customer and loyal audiences, one has to create beautiful website, add unique products, service offerings and more. But managing all these info can be a nightmare especially, if you’re using a manual and inefficient process. Well, we have a solution for you.


However “Customers” are one of the most valuable asset for any business. That’s why we should focus on building a reliable relationship with our customers. It involves co-ordinated work of several departments as well as timely collection of all the relevant and up-to-date information about the customers. Therefore a comprehensive CRM system can help you to take the advantage of the opportunity to become customer-centric and improve the service quality. Smartbytes CRM will satisfy all your needs. you can easily achieve this: a customer-centric company, optimize your sales efforts, strengthen your customer loyalty and much more.


There are countless educational institutions available worldwide, which provides the biggest contribution to empower the future generations. Even though education is different from other business, still the success of an institution bounded to the customer’s satisfaction. Here the customers are your students and the goods you provide them is knowledge. However to provide the higher quality of education, many educational institutions are experiencing vital changes in the way they operate and interact with students, their parents, employers, staff, alumni and more. As well, nowadays the ‘clients’ i.e. students are demanding more attention and instant services and so on. So to cater all your demand in an effective way, here comes Smartbytes CRM for education.

E-Commerce Solutions

Smartbytes develops custom solutions for customers in different industries: Travel, Fashion, Goods for children, Food, Logistics, Branded products. Everything we do is aimed at helping brands stand out among the competition by providing the best customer experience and making their clients happy. We achieve this by making beautifully designed and user-friendly digital solutions.

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